Vendor Spotlight: Acuna’s Custom Cakes | North Georgia Wedding Photographers

Look at us throwing back Thursday on the blog again! ūüėāūüėāūüėā

This time, this #tbt is to highlight one of our favorite wedding vendors!

Bride Friends… if you’re looking for the perfect wedding cake still, today’s blog post is for you!

Like most wedding photographers we too LOVE wedding cake, especially when it’s from Acuna’s Custom Cakes!

Odds are if you’ve been following us for any length of time you’ve heard us rave about our favorite cake lady, Diane of Acuna’s Custom Cakes!

We first met Diane and Joel of Acuna’s Custom Cakes a few years back and Diane quickly became one of our dear friends. Diane’s friendship in this industry is one we treasure and not just because she makes us yummy cakes to eat! ūüėČ Over the past couple of years, we’ve had the honor of watching Diane’s talent and creativeness grow and just when we think we’ve seen her most beautiful cake creation yet… she makes a new one that tops it!

While we love the artistry of her cakes, we love the taste of them even more! While we’re partial to her semi-naked wedding cakes… we haven’t met an Acuna’s cake creation we didn’t want to devour! Buttercream, Strawberry, Chocolate… we’ve loved them all! lol Whenever we need a cake, she’s the first person we call.

And while we love the beauty, artistry and taste of her wedding cakes… we love the artist behind them even more. We’ve seen firsthand just how much Diane cares about her clients and how she takes interest in their whole wedding day… not just their cake. ‚̧

Here’s a look back at some of our favorite wedding cakes made by Diane. We can honestly say these cakes were just as yummy as they are beautiful!

© Capture Thirteen Photography© Capture Thirteen Photography© Capture Thirteen Photography© Capture Thirteen Photography © Capture Thirteen Photography©CaptureThirteenPhotography© Capture Thirteen Photography

Brides, if you are drooling over these gorgeous wedding cakes like we are… run don’t walk over to Acuna’s Custom Cakes! Acuna’s Custom Cakes is based out of the Gainesville, Georgia area.

Our Best Engagement Session Advice | North Georgia Wedding Photographers

Over the next couple of months, engagement sessions will slowly start to take over our blog… and we cannot wait! We absolutely love engagement sessions!

We love engagement sessions because they provide a time for our couples to get to know us better and for us to get to know them before their wedding day! Plus for many of our couples, it is their first photo session together and it provides a chance for them to get comfortable in front of the camera together!

With engagement season coming, we’re sharing some of our top tips and suggestions to help make your engagement session the best ever!

© Capture Thirteen Photography

1.) Come have fun! If we could only give you one tip… it would be to just come have fun! Come to your engagement session ready to laugh, smile, cuddle up, hug, hold hands as you walk thru a field or twirl in the sun! Be yourselves!¬† Don’t be afraid to giggle or give a spontaneous kiss on the check. That’s how some of the best moments are captured! We try to make our engagement sessions as much fun as possible and put our couples at ease. Our sessions are laidback and full of laughs, smiles, and conversation… our goal is to make you feel like your hanging out with your friends… who just so happen to have cameras! ūüėČ

© Capture Thirteen Photography

2.) Wear clothes you are comfortable in! This one is a big one! We like to move around in our sessions… we love pictures of our couples walking thru fields, or dancing in the sun. We stand, sit, walk, twirl and who knows maybe even jump lol so make sure you can move around with ease and comfort in your clothes. Also, make sure you are comfortable with where your hemlines and necklines hit… if you aren’t comfortable with how your clothes look on or how they fit it will show through in your photos.

¬© Capture Thirteen Photography3.) Give the hair and makeup duties to someone else! Some of you ladies out there are makeup and hair experts! You are #goals when it comes to hair and makeup! However, if you are anything like me… hair and makeup are the ultimate stressers especially when I have an event or photo session to go to! So keep yourself relaxed by scheduling a hair and makeup appointment and take that worry away! Or call up your sister or friend who’s got the makeup and hair skills down and ask them to come help you get ready! It makes for a great excuse for some fun girls time!

¬© Capture Thirteen Photography4.) Get a manicure! What better excuse is there to head to the nail salon than to get ready to show your new ring off! The engagement session will involve some close-ups of that new sparkly ring on your finger, so you’ll want to have your hands looking their best! Even if you aren’t a big fan of having your nails done… make sure to trim up your nails, and remove any old fingernail polish! If you aren’t a fan of having color on your fingers go with a clear, nude or pale pink polish. ūüėČ

© Capture Thirteen Photography

5.) Wardrobe! For our engagement sessions, we recommend that if you want to switch up your looks, keep your wardrobe to two outfits. One casual look and then a more dressed up look. When choosing your wardrobe pieces don’t get too matchy-matchy ūüėČ go for more complimentary colors. Stay away from busy patterns as they will become distorted in camera. Go for classic instead of trendy looks to keep your engagement pictures looking timeless!¬† Things that always look good…for the guy’s, khakis or dark denim jeans, paired with button-down shirts in solids or plaids, or a pullover sweater. For the ladies… long flowy dresses, knee-length sundresses, and dark wash denim jeans paired with a sweater or a cardigan combo.

© Capture Thirteen Photography

6.) Patterns Beware! Lol okay so this one isn’t as ominous as the intro makes it out to be, but you should be aware of your clothing patterns! Small busy prints tend to become distorted in camera, we recommend stirring clear from lots of small tiny dots, and smalls checks. Also, limit your patterns… don’t overdo the patterns if you are wearing a floral print dress keep your guy in jeans and button up shirt in a coordinating color.

© Capture Thirteen Photography

7.) Prepare your wardrobe! Go thru your closets at least two weeks prior to your session and choose your outfits. This way if any accessories or clothing needs to be bought you’re not running thru the mall in a mad dash the day of your session, looking for that perfect dress or shoes. Pull your outfit options and lay them side by side to see if you really like his shirt next to your dress. Or put them on and stand in front of the mirror! It may sound crazy to you and make you sound crazy to your fiance but I do it all the time! ūüėā Once you’ve chosen your outfits make sure you have all your jewelry and accessory pieces selected and ready to go. If clothes need to be ironed have it all done the day before so that getting ready the day of the session is easy and you can go into your session relaxed.

© Capture Thirteen Photography

8.) Communicate with your Photographer! Communication is key in any relationship including your relationship with your wedding photographer! We’re huge on communication here at Capture Thirteen and we strongly encourage our couples to share with us their likes and dislikes. With that being said, keep your engagement session running smooth, carefree and fun by communicating any concerns or special requests to your photographer prior to the session. Keep things from getting awkward by telling your photographer ahead of time things like… if you’re saving your first kiss for the altar, or if you aren’t a fan of rustic settings or if you simply aren’t a fan of being photographed from your left side. Just don’t forget to trust the process and the creative mind of the photographer you’ve hired.

Did you know that when you book a full day wedding investment with Capture Thirteen Photography you receive your choice of a complimentary engagement or bridal session?!

Want to learn more about our Capture Thirteen Wedding Investments?!

We’re currently booking 2019 weddings and some early 2020 weddings. We would love to chat with you about your wedding day! Capture Thirteen Photography is based out of the Northeast Georgia area between Braselton and Gainesville, Georgia, serving the North Georgia areas and beyond! To view more from information on our wedding day investments click here. Or to check your wedding date, please fill out the form below!

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Wedding Season Tips | North Georgia Wedding Photographers

A new year means new friends and with new friends, new wedding dreams are being dreamt. You see it is the time of year where we find ourselves emailing and chatting with new 2019 and even some 2020 brides to be. As we chat with them we can’t help but find ourselves dreaming and getting excited for the weddings to come and all the different seasons they’ll be taking place in. We can easily go from dreaming of summer to winter, and fall to spring in a matter of hours! While we have our own personal favorite seasons, we can honestly say wedding photography has taught us to see the beauty in all four seasons.

We love the sea of colors and golden light the fall brings, the brightness of the light in the winter and the cozy feel of a warm fireplace, we even love the occasional winter white snows! We love the renewing of life as the trees and flowers bloom in the spring, and the warmth of the sunshine as longer days return and watching for the first sighting of lightning bugs in the night sky to tell us summer has returned!

As we chat with our new 2019 couples we love hearing why they chose their wedding season… for some, it’s a sentimental reason like when they first met, or maybe our bride has always dreamed of being a June bride just like her mother. Some brides make their choice because they have a strong love for the colors of the season whether its the bright vibrant flowers of the spring or the warmth of the leaf colors in the fall! While others may choose their wedding date for more practical reasons… for example here in North Georgia it gets HOT and humid in the summer… so for some couples, they might choose their season based on their love or dislike of the heat, or do they want to get married indoors or outside! Or maybe it’s the date that worked best with where our couples are in their current season of life!

Whether you’re getting married in the fall, spring, summer or winter there is beauty in every season and today we’re giving you our best tips on how to play off the beauty of your wedding season!



  • Deep Jewel Toned Bridesmaid Dresses
    • You can’t go wrong with deep jewel-toned bridesmaids dresses in any season really but in the fall they seem to pop even more against the leaves in the fall! Think of colors like marsala, emerald greens, deep purples or even a deep muted turquoise!
  • Flowers
    • Use deep colored flowers complement your bridesmaid’s dresses think… Sunflowers, Dark Centered Poppies, Dahlias etc.
  • Timing
    • With the Fall comes gorgeous golden light reflecting off of the color filled trees. Be sure to check your ceremony time with your photographer that way you can soak up all that beautiful light in your bride and groom portraits. You’ll want to plan for a first look or an early ceremony time to get the best lighting for your pictures and take advantage of your venue’s setting. Remember daylight savings time occurs around the beginning of November but the days are already getting shorter prior to that!



  • Bring the Greenery!¬†
    • If you are planning a winter wedding, odds are you visited your venue site when the trees were full and flowers were bloomed. However, winters here in North Georgia mean lots of bare trees and lifeless shrubs, so make sure you love the elements and location of your venue minus all the trees and flowers. Then bring the greenery back in with your wedding day decor and details to liven everything up again. Have bouquets full of greenery and use greenery in your wedding day decor. Don’t be afraid to mix varieties of greenery together!
  • Keep it Warm and Cozy!
    • There are two things we suggest to give your winter wedding a warm and cozy feel.
      • Faux Fur Wraps/Jackets or Warm Cozy Shawls/Blankets
        • Winters here in North Georgia are a tricky thing, one day it might be 60 degrees and the next it might be 17 degrees. With the Georgia Mountains all around us, odds are you’re going to want to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery at your venue, plus you’ll want to stay warm! Having fur faux wraps or nice warm shawls to wrap up in will not only help keep you all warm it will also automatically make you look all warm and cozy! Keep the colors of your bridesmaid’s dresses in mind when choosing your wraps and make yourself stand out in a warm white faux fur jacket or wrap! Having a warm blanket on hand to wrap you and your groom up in is also another great idea to keep you both warm but also add a romantic touch to your photos!
      • Light those candles and Fireplaces!
        • Glowing light from a candle makes all reception and ceremonies dreamy, but for a winter wedding, it also brings a feeling of warmth and coziness.
        • There is nothing like warming up by a fire on a cold winters day! Having a warm fire going will not only help keep you and your guests warm
  • Timing!
    • Again timing… as we said earlier check that sunset timing! The sun sets super early in the winter, and to take full advantage of your venue’s setting you don’t want the sun to set before you’ve had any pictures done!



  • Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!
    • Spring is the season in which everything comes to life again. Its a season here that we all associate with flowers blooming and trees returning to green. Filling your wedding day with beautiful vibrant flowers will make your wedding pictures scream spring! Think tulips, sweet pea, gardenias, orchids, and roses!
  • Soft Pastel Bridesmaid Dresses
    • Nothing says spring wedding like soft pastels, spring is the perfect season for blush, pale or dusty blue bridesmaids dresses. Or if you want a little more flower power, we love pastel floral long flowy dresses!
  • Flower Crowns
    • Flower Crowns are not just for the flower girl! Have a little fun and switch from your wedding veil and into a flower crown after your ceremony! It will give you a totally different look for pictures plus it will make hitting the dance floor a lot easier! Or embrace the flower power and have flower crowns for you and your bridesmaids to have a little fun!


  • Handheld Fans
    • It gets hot, hot, hot, here in the south in the summertime. If your planning an outdoor ceremony handheld fans and bottled waters are great wedding favors that also provide a purpose. Plan your outdoor summer ceremonies close to sunset when the day is cooling instead of heating up!
  • Cool Refreshments!
    • One of our favorite weddings favors from a summer wedding a few years back was individual ice creams for each wedding guest from the local creamery! Not only was it delicious but it was the perfect way to end summer day! Think outside of the box and have a little fun when planning your reception and have cool treats for guests to beat the summer heat! A few we’ve thought of… snowcones, ice cream, slushies!
  • Ceremony
    • There are two big things to think about if you are planning an outdoor summer ceremony…
      • Shade: Make sure you have enough shade at your ceremony spot for both your guests and you and your bridal party! Shade will provide two helpful purposes… keeping you and your guest cool while also providing better light for your pictures.
      • Timing: Just like the shade provides better light and cooler temps the timing also can help in these areas. Avoid noon or early afternoon ceremony times when the light is harsh and the temperature is at its peak. The light at noon and early afternoon is harsh and without enough shade, it creates unflattering shadows. You’ll want ample shade and indirect light to get the best pictures! Plus all that afternoon heat makes for a sweltering bride and groom and guests… nobody wants to be red and sweaty in their pictures!
  • Have a Rain Plan!
    • Rain can happen at any time during any season but here in the summer, a pop-up storm can come out of nowhere with no warning! Make sure you have a rain plan in place just in case!

Want to learn more about our Capture Thirteen Wedding Investments?!

We’re currently booking 2019 weddings and some early 2020 weddings. We would love to chat with you about your wedding day! Capture Thirteen Photography is based out of the Northeast Georgia area between Braselton and Gainesville, Georgia, serving the North Georgia areas and beyond! To view more from information on our wedding day investments click here. Or to check your wedding date, please fill out the form below!

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Did Your Valentines Week = Wedding Day Dreams?! | North Georgia Wedding Photographers

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day to get engaged?!

Not only is Valentine’s Day at the top of the list but also included in the top ten is the Saturday before Valentine’s Day!

With a holiday all about love, and romance… what could make Valentine’s Day more romantic than a proposal?!

It’s what my Hallmark movie dreams are made of!ūüėć Anybody else dreaming of having their Hallmark movie moment?! ūüôč‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ

Goodness, I LOVE the Hallmark channel, of course, I don’t know that there’s a wedding photographer out there who doesn’t love those cheesy, romantic, feel-good movies! I mean there’s a proposal story or wedding in almost every single one!

Around here we love hearing and talking with our couples about how they met, fell in love, how the proposal happened, and of course all those wedding day and happily ever after dreams!

If you found yourself with a sparkly new ring on this Valentine’s week… Congratulations sweet friend!

Or maybe you got engaged over the Christmas or New Year holidays and stumbled upon our page as you work on wedding plans this weekend!

We would absolutely love to chat with you about your wedding day dreams and plans… its one of our favorite things to do!

A little bit about us…

We’re Capture Thirteen Photography, the combined talents of natural light photographers Alison and Brandy. We’re based out of the Northeast Georiga area between Braselton and Gainesville, Georgia. We serve the North Georgia area and beyond. We’re all about capturing life and love and work together as a team of two on all wedding day investments. Our goal with every wedding is to tell the story of your special day.

We offer both elopement/small wedding and full day wedding investments. You can learn more about our wedding day investments here!



We’re currently booking 2019 weddings and some early 2020 weddings. We would love to chat with you about your wedding day! Capture Thirteen Photography is based out of the Northeast Georgia area between Braselton and Gainesville, Georgia, serving the North Georgia areas and beyond! To view more from information on our wedding day investments click here. Or to check your wedding date, please fill out the form below!

**Information submitted is used solely for the administrative purposes of Capture Thirteen Photography and is not sold to third parties.**

A Valentine’s Day Challenge | North Georgia Wedding Photographer


February… it’s often referred to as the month of LOVE! ūüíē

With Valentine’s Day falling right in the middle of the month, heart shapes, flowers and cards declaring love seem to be everywhere! It makes it easy to forget what love really looks and feels like.

I can honestly say, I’ve let this holiday and month of love get me down more times than I care to admit. Hearing everyone talk about their fantastic date and not having a date, or not receiving flowers during this season can feel like the worst and make this one hard month to get through. I know, I’ve been there.

But what if we didn’t make this month of love about us?! What if this month wasn’t about whether or not we got asked out on that perfect date, if we received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers or if we did or didn’t have a Valentine.

What if we made this month of love all about showing love to the people and the world around us?

For me, when I started making this month of love, not about me but about looking for ways to show love to others, that’s when the idea of Valentine’s Day really started to change for me.

Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to show a little extra love to the world around you! I think we can all agree that its something that’s needed in our world today.

So here it is my Valentine’s Day Challenge to myself and you… I challenge you to look for the friend that’s lonely, the hurt, the sick, the one in need, the people you know and the ones you don’t and spread a little extra love and cheer this month.

Maybe it will be a random act of kindness, like buying a stranger’s coffee or something as simple as smiling and saying hello as you pass someone on the street. Maybe it is passing on that romantic date and spending a little time focusing on the friend whose heart hurts a little more than normal on this particular holiday and taking them to dinner or lunch. Or maybe it’s taking some homemade goodies to your elderly neighbor who just lost her lifetime love and listening to her share her stories. Maybe its volunteering at your local soup kitchen or playing bingo at the nursing home.

I’m not for one minute pretending I have it all together here friends… I can and do still struggle with heartache and crazy expectations of this holiday just like anyone else. But I do truly believe a little bit of love can go a long way friends.

I haven’t always been the best at recognizing and reaching out to those who are hurting, but its something I’m working on being more aware of, not just this month but on the daily.

If you’re reading this a feeling down and lonely… know this sweet friend you are enough! You are beautiful, strong and smart, you are loved.

If you are a greeting card company or hopeless romantics reading this please, don’t get mad at me… I’m not hating on Valentines! Trust me, I’m just as big of a fan of a surprise date, bouquet of flowers, and card professing ones love as the next gal! I mean I am a wedding photographer and a devoted watcher of all the Hallmark movies. I can listen to and watch love stories alll day long! I attend weddings on the regular. What can I say, I love, LOVE! By all means, go on those romantic dates and shower your love with flowers, cards, and chocolates! Just don’t forget to look around you and love on the people around you too!

Here are a few ways I’ve thought of to spread a little love this month…

Send a note!

  • A text or an email is great, but I think we can all agree a handwritten note of encouragement slipped onto your desk or hidden in the mail makes for an even better surprise.

Send a Valentine!

  • Yep head to the store and buy those yummy chocolates, and find a sweet card and surprise a friend who isn’t expecting it at all!

Make Some Homemade Goodies!

  • Make a homemade treat and hand deliver it to someone and then maybe even enjoy the treat with them! Maybe it’s a grandparent, or a neighbor whose spouse has passed or maybe it’s your best friend. Surprise them with that yummy treat and spend some time with them.

Just Be Present!

  • Just being fully present with someone can go a long way! In today’s world its so easy to get distracted, we touch our phones countless times a day just scrolling. Put your phone away and ask a friend to go for a walk or join you for dinner.

Buy A Coffee!

  • Surprise the person in the coffee drive-thru line behind you and purchase their coffee! It’s a super easy way to help someone start their day with a smile! ūüôā Or bring an extra for your co-worker or friend.


  • Check with your local nursing home, soup kitchen or homeless shelter about volunteer opportunities. Gather some friends and go spread some love. Host a bingo game, deliver a meal or read a book.

A Guide to Family Pictures on Your Wedding Day | North Georgia Wedding Photographers

©CaptureThirteenPhotographyFamily Pictures on a wedding day can be a tricky thing.

Knowing who you should include can be difficult to figure out because no one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings over a picture, however, including every single family member distant and close can quickly consume all of your post-ceremony time if you aren’t careful!

Worry over including or not including a family member can make the family picture list quickly become a sore subject for couples.

From the very first meeting with our couples, we encourage them to consider who they would like to include in their family pictures and to start creating a list with the names of family members and their relations. We ask for names because its easier on our end if we say we need Aunt Sally for a picture than we need your aunt for a picture. Then we know for sure we got Aunt Sally’s picture. ūüôā We ask for a list from our couples for two reasons…

  • Number One: There is a less likely chance that someone will get left out or a photo grouping forgotten.
  • Number Two: So our couples can see just how many family pictures will need to be taken.

We then ask for them to bring or send us their list before their final wedding day meeting so we can go over their list with them.

Once they’ve made their list and we’ve gone over it with them we add this into our wedding day timeline. After we’ve determined about what time family pictures will occur we strongly encourage our couples to communicate with their family members involved in wedding day pictures prior to the wedding, the time pictures will be taking place and where they need to gather for pictures. Having all the family gathered together helps prevent lost time spent looking for missing family members.


For us family pictures take place either just before or just after the ceremony, depending on whether or not our couples choose to do a first look. If our couples aren’t seeing each other prior to the ceremony, it means we have all of the following pictures to take before our couples arrival at the reception…

  • Family
  • Full Bridal Party
  • Bride and Groom Portraits

Our goal is to spend as much picture time on our bride and groom as possible because, well,¬† you guys are the focus of the day! Your what it’s all about! On average family pictures take about 30 minutes on a wedding day, the longer your family picture list is the longer it takes. With that said, family pictures on a wedding day can quickly eat away at your own personal portrait time if you aren’t careful and your wedding day can quickly turn into a family photo shoot!

We never want our couples to miss out on desired family photos but we also don’t want them to miss out or take away from their own personal picture time either. So we often suggest to them to think of ways they can group family members together… for example instead of a picture with each individual aunt and uncle… is there a way you could group them… maybe a picture with all of your aunts and uncle together instead of multiple picture breakdowns. Or instead of a picture of you and your aunt and then you, your aunt and your groom… maybe keep it at just the two of you with your aunt included… and if a picture of just you and your aunt is needed grab it as a fun snapshot at the reception! We’ve even seen a growing trend of couples just doing one or two big group shots.

If you want to include cousins, aunts, and uncles, consider doing one big group shot on the dance floor. Maybe even make it a fun one with everyone striking a pose! If your family is anything like mine… a shot like this is more true to our family dynamic and honestly so much fun to look back on! Who says all your wedding family photos have to be formal anyways! Make family pictures your own we say!


Everyone’s family make up looks different… the good news is there is really no right or wrong way to go about family pictures on your wedding day!

If you’re not sure where to start on your family picture list here is our recommended list for all our couples.

Our recommended list for formal family pictures…

  • Bride with Bride’s Mother and Father
  • Bride and Mother of the Bride
  • Bride and Father of the Bride
  • Bride with Siblings
  • Bride and Groom with Bride’s Parents
  • Bride, Groom, Bride’s Parents, and Bride’s Siblings
  • Bride and Groom with Bride’s Grandparents
  • Groom with Groom’s Mother and Father
  • Groom with Mother of the Groom
  • Groom with Father of the Groom
  • Groom with Siblings
  • Groom, Bride and Groom’s Parents
  • Groom, Bride, Groom’s Parents, and Grooms Siblings
  • Groom and Bride with Groom’s Grandparents

We’re currently booking 2019 weddings and some early 2020 weddings. We would love to chat with you about your wedding day! Capture Thirteen Photography is based out of the Northeast Georgia area between Braselton and Gainesville, Georgia, serving the North Georgia areas and beyond! To view more from information on our wedding day investments click here. Or to check your wedding date, please fill out the form below!

**Information submitted is used solely for the administrative purposes of Capture Thirteen Photography and is not sold to third parties.**



Choosing Your Wedding Day Investment… Which Photography Package is Right for you?! | North Georgia Wedding Photographer

©CaptureThirteenPhotography 2018

What is the difference between 6¬† and 8 hours of wedding day coverage?”¬†

It’s one of the most common questions we hear from new brides. If this is a question you’ve been pondering too… no worries friend! We’re breaking our wedding day investments down for you today!

For all of our couples regardless of how many hours of coverage they book, our goal is the same… to tell the story of your day. Every bride is different, and every wedding is unique to each couple we serve. It’s one of the things we love most about our job… no two weddings are the same, each wedding is its own unique love story!

So when it comes to choosing which investment is the best choice for you… a lot of personal choices come into play, your likes and dislikes, and what you want to see when you look back on your wedding day.

Some brides want us there from the moment they arrive at the venue until the very moment that they leave, while some brides might find that a bit overwhelming. While brides with ceremonies lasting longer than 30 minutes or brides with full wedding weekends may need more than 8 hours of wedding day coverage.

With that said we try to follow the same basic timeline with all of our wedding investments, with the biggest difference between them being time. While some may look at it as only a 2-hour difference… wedding days are long fast-moving days with a lot of activity and moments tucked into them. While 30 mins here or 15 mins there may not seem like much can happen during that time… on a wedding day a LOT can happen in less than 15 mins… for example the moment a dad sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time, or the moments of a bride and grooms first look, we’ve even had ceremonies that were 15 minutes or less!

Since time is the biggest difference in our two full-day investments, we’re breaking our wedding investments down for you and sharing our basic timeline with you.

©CaptureThirteenPhotography 2018

8 Hour Wedding Investment

  • Our 8 hour wedding day investment option is probably our most popular investment. An 8-hour wedding day investment basically covers the full wedding day. We typically arrive just as hair and make-up are being finished and stay with you until the time you leave! If you are a bride who loves the idea of pictures of you and your bridesmaids in matching robes enjoying the moments as you get ready, all the way to the moment you leave in your car this is the investment for you! With an 8 hour investment, we’re able to stretch our time spent on each area of the day, giving more time for getting ready moments, bride/groom portraits, bridal party, and reception. With an 8 hour investment we have a typically have a little bit of wiggle room, so when going over our timeline for the day with a bride if she wants to spend more time in one area and less in another we have a little bit more time to play with. In an 8 hour day, we are able to cover the following…
    • Bride and Bridesmaids Getting Ready ( The finishing touches 30mins)
    • Dress, and other Bride and Groom Details (up to 30 mins)
    • Bridal Portraits (30 mins)
    • Bride and Bridesmaids (30 mins)
    • Goom Portraits (30mins)
    • Groom and Groomsmen (20-30 mins)
    • First Look or Between the Door Moments (15-30 mins)
    • Ceremony Details/Ceremony (30 mins max)
    • Family (up to 30 mins)
    • Full Bridal Party(20-30 mins)
    • Bride and Groom (30-45 mins)
    • Reception/Reception Details
    • Sendoff

(Of course with all of these time increments have the ability to vary some based on each bride’s desired images from her wedding day.)

6 Hour Wedding Investment

  • As we said earlier the biggest difference between our two investments is time. With a 6 hour wedding, day investment we stick very closely to the same photography list from above, however, because we have less time with our couples, our breakdowns on time spent on each area of the day are shorter.¬† Some brides may even choose to forgo getting ready pictures or a sendoff, in order to give themselves more time in other areas. With most 6 hour days we opt for mock getting ready moments, this means the bridal party is fully ready when we arrive and we simply re-create those getting ready moments. Sometimes even our 8-hour investment brides will choose to do this to save time to use elsewhere in the day.
    • Bride’s Dress/and other Bride and Groom Details(15 mins)
    • Mock Getting Ready (10-15 mins max)
    • Bride and Bridesmaids (1 Hour)
    • Groom and Groomsmen (30-45 mins)
    • First Look or Between the Door Moments (15-30 mins)
    • Ceremony Details/Ceremony (30 mins max)
    • Family (up to 30mins max)
    • Bridal Party (15-30 mins)
    • Bride and Groom (30 mins)
    • Reception Details/Reception
    • Sendoff

As you can see there isn’t much difference in what is covered, however, the amount of time spent on each area may be longer or shorter depending on your investment choice. With either investment, our goal is the same to tell the story of your perfect day and to give our time spent with our bride and groom priority.¬† After all, you guys are the most important part of our day!

©CaptureThirteenPhotography 2018

Other Things You may want to consider when choosing your wedding investment…

  • Venue: How long does your venue allow you to be there? Some venues have set times you may arrive and have to depart by. While some venues rent to you by the hour. If you aren’t able to be at your venue for 8 hours then you may not need an 8-hour investment. Or if you are renting a hotel for getting ready pictures your photographer may need extra time to travel between the two sites. In this case, you might need more than 6 or 8 hours to allow for ample traveling time.
  • Ceremony: How long is your ceremony time? If your ceremony is over 30 minutes you may need more than 6-8 hours of wedding coverage in order to ensure there is enough time for other parts of the wedding day to be captured. If your ceremony is longer than an hour you may need to add on extra time to our 8-hour investment.
  • Reception: How long do you plan to stay at your reception? Are you planning a full sit down meal and dancing the night away with your guests or are you are planning to keep it short and sweet, enjoying a brief time visiting, a little dancing and hors-d’oeuvres.

©CaptureThirteenPhotography 2018

Even with a breakdown list, it can be overwhelming to figure out just how much time you may need on your wedding day. We’re always happy to sit down with our brides and help them figure this part out. As part of our wedding investments, we include a pre-booking consultation to have a chance to get to know our couples better and make sure we’re a perfect fit for them on their wedding day, after all, we’re going to be spending a lot of time together on the wedding day! ūüôā We also use this time to answer any questions they may have and help as needed in determining the right amount of coverage for them. After our couples book, we provide one final pre-wedding meeting to go over our photography timeline for the big day and make sure we have all areas of the day covered that they desire and any specific picture requests. In the event that a couple feels they need more coverage time on their wedding day, during this meeting they can always add more time to their investment prior to the wedding day.

We’re currently booking 2019 weddings and some early 2020 weddings. We would love to chat with you about your wedding day! Capture Thirteen Photography is based out of the Northeast Georgia area between Braselton and Gainesville, Georgia, serving the North Georgia areas and beyond! To view more from information on our wedding day investments click here. Or to check your wedding date, please fill out the form below!

**Information submitted is used soley for the administrative purposes of Capture Thirteen Photography and is not sold to third parties.**

Why Your Ceremony Time Matters! | North Georgia Photographers

© Capture Thirteen Photography

Last week we met with some new 2019 brides to be and any time we meet with our brides we try to give them tips to help them along the way as they plan for their day. One subject that seemed to be common between all of our brides this past week was timing. Ceremony – Reception Timing to be exact. So today we thought we would pass along some of the same information we gave to them to you today!

First things first… Ceremony Times. Many brides plan their ceremony times based on the menu and style of reception they are having. Do they want a full sit down formal dinner, followed by dancing the night away, or do they want something a little more relaxed with finger foods or a dessert bar followed by lawn games or a time to visit with guests. Determining your budget for food is a great way to help you decide your style of reception… this, in turn, will also affect your ceremony time, but there is one more important factor to consider… what time will the sunset on the day of your wedding?

Why is this important? Well, friends, in the late spring and summer, we have longer days… in the summer sunsets are closer to 9pm which means there is plenty of light after a 6 or 6:30 evening ceremony to have pictures after. However, for our late fall and winter brides, the sun sets much much earlier! The fall and winter seasons are the seasons in which we have the least amount of light during the day time hours.¬†That means it will be completely dark out by 6:00 pm or earlier, so all of your post-ceremony pictures would be occurring after dark.

Now by no means are we saying don’t get married in the evening, we just want you to be aware there are some things you’ll need to take into consideration, especially if you are planning a fall or winter evening wedding. For example are you okay with all of your bridal party and bride and groom portraits being taken at dark or inside?

Now before you start to stress over your ceremony time, we’ve got tips!


  • Do a First Look!
    • If you’ve already set your wedding ceremony time and are thinking… oh no! No worries friend! Have you considered doing a first look? If not we would suggest going with a first look, many brides often worry about this taking away from the first look of the ceremony but friends these moments are so much more intimate and sweet. Honestly, we LOVE first look moments around here!¬† By doing a first look this would allow you to take all of your bridal party, family and the majority of your bride and groom portraits prior to the ceremony. With starting pictures earlier in the day, you can have most all of your formal pictures finished before the ceremony and once the ceremony is over you’ll get to relax and enjoy your party and time with your guests!


  • Check the time of the sunset prior to setting your ceremony time!
    • ¬†While we love a first look around here, we know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So if you love the idea of sticking with the tradition of not to seeing each other prior to the ceremony, you may want to have an earlier ceremony time. By having an earlier ceremony time, you’ll still able to get those beautiful outdoor shots with your groom and bridal party members, that also showcase your venue’s location. No matter what season your getting married in, look up the sunset time for your wedding date and location! Once you’ve done this, you can work backwards from the sunset time (or ask your wedding coordinator, or photographer ūüėČ ) to figure out your ceremony time. In most cases, you’ll want to plan for somewhere between an hour and a half to 2 hours prior to the sunset. Here’s a peek at our normal wedding timeline for pictures for a non-first look day.
      • Ceremony Time (30 mins)
      • Family Pictures (approximately 30 mins. these pictures immediately follow the ceremony.)
      • Entire Bridal Party Together (15-20 mins)
      • Bride and Groom (30 mins)
  • Bonus Tip: If you are not planning to see each other prior to the ceremony, you’ll want to have something to entertain your guests during the picture time. A few ideas, are a mocktail or cocktail hour, lawn games, or allow them to start eating.


  • Sneaking Out of the Reception!
    • Whether our couples do a first look or not, if the sun will set during their reception, we offer to sneak out of the reception with them to capture a few dreamy sunset shots. This can allow our couples with earlier ceremony times, no matter what season it is to catch that evening glow. It can also help our non-first look couples get to the reception a little early because we can break the bride and groom portrait time up into two parts. For the most part, the reception time is the most flexible part of the wedding day, in that you don’t necessarily have to cut the cake at 8:05 on the dot, the reception a lot of times moves with the flow of the evening. So we sneak our couples out at times when guests will hardly realize their gone, so while everyone is hitting the dance floor or enjoying their dinner, those are the times we sneak out! ūüėČ We haven’t had a couple yet who didn’t love this moment, not only do our couples get those dreamy photos, but they also get a few quiet moments to take it all in + watch their guests enjoy the day.


  • Plan a Post Wedding Session!
    • If none of the above seem like the perfect solution for you… we still have one more suggestion. ūüôā We call these our newlywed sessions. Here Newlywed sessions most often happen sometime in the week following the wedding day. This is a session in which our brides and grooms get to wear their wedding dresses and suits and join us post wedding for formal bride and groom portraits. Sometimes couples book this to save time on the wedding day and opt to do formal pictures during a time they are more relaxed. A post-wedding day session also allows you to take advantage of all the great location options at their venue that you might not have time for on the wedding day, or to have wedding photos with a more artistic approach. There are a number of ways this session can be done and for some of our couples its the perfect solution for an evening wedding that falls in the winter. If this sounds like the best fit for you be sure to talk to your photographer and see if booking a post-wedding session will work for you!

Capture Thirteen Photography is the combined talents of photographers Alison and Brandy. We’re based out of the Northeast Georgia area between Braselton and Gainesville, Georgia serving the North Georgia areas and beyond. We’re currently booking 2019 weddings and some early 2020 weddings. We would love to chat with you about your wedding day! To view more from information on our wedding day investments click here. Or to check your wedding date, please fill out the form below!

**Information submitted is used solely for the administrative purposes of Capture Thirteen Photography and is not sold to third parties.**

Jackson Maternity Session | Flowery Branch Georgia Photographers

It’s been a cold and rainy January here in North Georgia this year but somewhere in between it all we’ve managed to sneak in a few nice sunny days. On one of those sunny days just the other week we caught up with the Jackson family for a sweet maternity session at Cherokee Bluffs Park, located in Flowery Branch, Georgia. They’ll be welcoming a new beautiful baby girl into their family in just a few short months and friends, this little is already so loved.

We can’t wait to meet the newest Jackson girl!


A Stone Mountain Elopement | North Georgia Wedding Photographers

Can we throwback Thursday on a blog?! Because we are totally doing it!

Let’s #tbt to sweet mountaintop vows and kisses!

We shot Mark and Melissa’s Stone Mountain Elopement a couple of years ago and friends, it is still by far one of the coolest and sweetest moments we’ve had the honor of being a part of. We thought we would re-share this winter elopement with you all again because this wedding day is probably the one wedding our new bride to be friends ask the most questions about as they flip through our portfolios.

Melissa contacted us about a month prior to her elopement date and told us her plans for a mountaintop elopement. Of course, we were super excited, I mean can you think of a better way to spend a Monday morning at work?! We sure can’t! After contacting Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, Georgia and receiving proper clearance for her elopement, Melissa and Mark hiked up the mountain and scouted out their perfect wedding spot a few weeks prior to their elopement date.

The two main questions everyone always asks as they look at the images in our portfolio… was it cold? and did they really not tell their parents?

The answers… yes it was a super cold and windy December morning on top of Stone Mountain, but it was such a beautiful moment to be in once we everything started we forgot about the cold! Honestly! There is so much beauty in the simple things in life, sometimes we forget because we let the little things become big things and overshadow what’s really important in life. Don’t get us wrong we love details around here… and planners please don’t hate on us… but we always tell our couples the most beautiful part of your day is your love and the two of you coming together committing¬†to each other for life! At the end of the day, you are married and that is the most beautiful thing about your wedding day!

Now for the second question… did they tell their parents? No, and yes! Haha. They were not planning to tell their parents at all. However, they were so excited they couldn’t hold their secret any longer and a couple of days prior to the elopement date, they let them in on the plan.

They added personal touches to their elopement by choosing a spot on top of the mountain overlooking their hometowns and Melissa’s twin brother Nathan performed the ceremony. With their parents and siblings gathered close by, Mark and Melissa were married on top of Stone Mountain, on a Monday morning. As they said their vows we couldn’t help but notice the clusters of strangers pausing to watch and cheering with their parents as they shared their first kiss! There was literally happiness and excitement bursting from the mountaintop that morning!

Capturing this intimate ceremony and moment for these two was such an honor. We’ve always thought the idea of an elopement was dreamy and romantic but this day made us fall in love with small weddings and elopements even more! We’ve even designed one of our wedding investments after this day!

We hope you enjoy this throwback as much as we do! Enjoy!

© Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y © Capture Thirteen P h o t o g r a p h y

We’re currently booking 2019 weddings and would love to chat with you about your wedding day! We offer both elopement/small wedding investments as well as full day wedding investments. We’re based out of the Northeast Georgia area between Braselton and Gainesville, Georgia, serving the North Georgia area and beyond! To view more from information on our wedding day investments click here. Or to check your wedding date, please fill out the form below!

**Information submitted is used soley for the administrative purposes of Capture Thirteen Photography and is not sold to third parties.**