North Georgia Winter Bridal Session | North Georgia Wedding Photographers

One of our most asked-about wedding investment add-ons is the bridal session. If you’re wondering what a bridal session is or if you too need a bridal session, we’re breaking it all down for you on today’s blog!

A bridal session is a time separate from the wedding day that focuses on the bride in her wedding day attire. There are many reasons a bride might choose a bridal session… for some especially here in the south, it’s a tradition where the bride displays a bridal portrait at the wedding alongside bridal portraits of her mother and grandmother. While for other brides, it’s a time to take advantage of their trial run for hair and makeup and have some fun with their bridal portraits. That might include going to a location for photos separate from their venue or taking time to get a little more creative with the posing or styling of their portraits. Some may even want to take advantage of some beautiful spots at their venue because there might not be enough time on the wedding day to get them all in. Or they might have more than one dress for their wedding and would like portraits in both. Then for others, it’s a way to help reduce their stress and give a little extra buffer to their wedding day timeline by taking their portraits ahead of time. And while most bridal sessions take place prior to the wedding day, you can also have a post-wedding bridal session! Scheduling your bridal portraits after the wedding can give a bride peace of mind on the actual wedding day by knowing they will still get to take outdoor portraits no matter the weather on their wedding day! But no matter the reason we think that we can all agree wedding dresses are just too beautiful to only wear once!! So go on ahead and book that bridal session!!

Now that we’ve gone over what a bridal session is, let’s take a look back at our bridal session with Kali last winter. When we first met with Kali, she told us that while her precious pup wouldn’t be at her wedding, she would still like to do a post-wedding bridal session to capture a few sweet moments of them together! She wanted to take photos with her pup without the worry of him tearing her dress or getting it dirty and without the worry of him getting bored on a long wedding day. And well friends, the photos couldn’t be sweeter!!

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