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We don’t split up the team around here often but this November wedding was a special one and for this wedding, Brandy needed to just be mom! That’s right… Mom, mother of the groom to be exact!

To be chosen by any of our CTP couples is always an honor, but that honor was even sweeter coming from Tyler and Jenna. You see I met Brandy, Brad and Tyler long before Brandy and I started photographing weddings together… I met them back in the day when Brad, Brandy and I all worked for our local YMCA. When we met Tyler was just 3 years old, and if you had told me back then, that in the future I would be photographing that cute little 3 year old boy’s wedding, I would have thought you were crazy! But here we are! Our Y days are long behind us… and somehow Tyler grew up all without me aging one bit. 😂 There’s so much I could tell you and say in this blog post, you see the Williamson’s, Jenna included are friends I love like family but I think you should hear Tyler and Jenna’s story from Tyler, so I’ll let him take it from here!

Love at first sight! Well, not really… It took Jenna about 17 years before she knew she loved me. As for me, I knew she was the one at a very young age. Our paths first collided at Oakwood Baptist Church when I was 3 and she was 4. I was a shy kid growing up, while Jenna had a huge personality with a whole lot of sass. She made me nervous, even at a young age. I don’t know if it was because we had opposing personalities or because… well because I had a crush on her. Ever since I was 8 years old, I knew Jenna was the one for me. At least I hoped she was the one because of the HUGE crush I had on her. But I remember telling my mom at one point I was going to move on from her because there were other guys that were taller, stronger etc. that liked her. I moved on for a whole two months before I started liking her again. But it wasn’t until February 2016 that she realized she may like me back. On May 12th, 2016 we finally told each other those three words, “I like you”. Although we did it rather unconventionally… On May 12th we went to a Sons of Jubal concert. I was planning on telling her that I liked her but I didn’t know if I could because of how nervous I was. Jenna comes to my house and we leave to go to the concert. I was planning on telling her how I felt sometime between getting out of the car and before we sat down in the auditorium seating. But I was too nervous, I couldn’t do it. We ended up sitting down next to each other, not saying a word. But quickly struck up a conversation, not through talking but through texting each other. She texted me asking me who I liked, and my response was as cheesy as it gets, I said “The girl I like is sitting right next to me”. I finally did it, I told the girl that I have liked my whole life how I felt! And to my astonishment, She said I like you too!! The rest is history! 5 years later on July 6th, 2021, I asked the girl I have liked, and eventually loved my whole life to marry me. My Love, My life, My happily ever after. This is our story and we cannot wait to grow and continue to write our story -Tyler

Thank you Jenna and Tyler for allowing me to capture your special day! To serve you was an honor but to call you friends is one of life’s sweet blessings! Also a huge THANK YOU 🤗 to our fellow photog friend Sylvia of Sylvia Marie Photography for jumping in and assisting me with ALL the things, so that Brandy could just be mom for the day! ❤️-Alison

Venue: Oakwood Baptist Church | Photo Location: Farmhouse 30542 | Wedding Dress: Charme Bridal and Prom | HMUA: Salon Virago | Wedding Cake: Acuna’s Custom Cakes | Cookies: Sugar Kookie Momma

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