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© Capture Thirteen Photography 2019 Cornelia Georgia WeddingFebruary 14th… Valentine’s Day.

It’s one of the most popular times of the year to become engaged coming in just after Christmas and the New Year’s holidays. Just as many new couples were starting the journey to plan their dream wedding day, for many it came to a screeching halt with the arrival of the coronavirus.

With its arrival the Coronavirus hit weddings and the wedding industry like a ton of bricks. With weddings being limited to 50 guests or less, then down to 10 guests and now currently with everyone sheltering in place… most current couples are having to make the hard choice to post-pone or elope in place of their original wedding plans.

We can only imagine how disheartening it must be for our newly engaged friends, seeing and hearing this news on repeat. For many couples, it’s caused them to hit pause on their wedding planning, while for others it’s left them not knowing how to go about planning their wedding.

If that’s you, friend… then, first of all, we encourage you to take heart friend! This too shall pass and things will get better!  Secondly not to scare you, or stress you any further but to make you aware… with many couples choosing to post-pone their wedding dates or celebrations… the summer, fall winter and even into 2021 just became a whole lot busier for most wedding vendors. Dates available they may have had when you first reached out to them may now no longer be available. So if you had specific vendors you absolutely wanted in place for your wedding day… now is the time to get them locked in!

With that said here are a few tips to get your wedding day plans rolling again!

Virtual Venue Tours

  • With current shelter in place mandates, many venues are posting virtual tours to their websites and social media pages. While we still feel venue visits are best done in person, this is a great way to get a sneak peek at some of your top choice venues and could even help you narrow your list down! If a venue you are interested in doesn’t currently have a virtual tour posted, contact them and ask them for one! We can’t think of a single venue owner who wouldn’t love to show you around their venue whether it’s in person or a virtual tour. If you find a venue you are seriously interested in booking, contact that venue and ask if they are still holding one on one meetings.

Facetime/Skype/Zoom Meetings

  • Here at Capture Thirteen, we love to meet our couples for coffee to chat about their wedding day dreams, get to know each other better and make sure we’re the perfect fit for them on their wedding day. Sometimes this happens before our couples officially book and sometimes it is a combo get to know you/contract signing moment. We recommend face to face meetings with all your vendors before you book to help ensure they are the perfect vendor for you and to make sure you feel comfortable entrusting them with your special day. Whether it’s creating the vision, carrying out the vision, capturing the day or getting the party started. While grabbing coffee together isn’t really possible right now online meetings are! So don’t hesitate to grab your favorite drink and join your vendors for a virtual coffee meeting!

Tackle the To-Do List

  • While many of the fun aspects of wedding preparation are currently on hold like… showers, engagement parties, dress shopping etc. there are still several things you can get checked off your to-do list in your downtime. Things like determining your wedding budget, work on your wedding guest list, choosing your wedding day colors, or figuring out your reception table seating. Or if you are a DIY bride, get busy making those wedding day detail pieces, and wedding guests party favors!


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