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We’re not sure that we’ve ever heard the words uncharted, and unprecedented more in our lives than we have in the last three weeks. There’s been no escaping the 24-hour news coverage as the Coronavirus has swept over our nation and our region.

When we were first told to prepare to stay at home for two weeks we thought, no big deal we can handle that. We had just come off of our 2020 winter weddings and were already expecting and honestly looking forward to a slower month of March and early April.

As what would be our first week of staying at home approached we began to hear buzz from other local vendor friends here in North Georgia, of wedding cancellations and postponements due to the virus. Our hearts broke for our vendor friends as they shared their losses with us and for these couples who were faced with the hard decisions to either postpone or move forward with an elopement styled day.  During this time we felt grateful for a later start to our spring season thinking that surely this would pass and our brides wouldn’t have to be faced with the making those same choices.

Naive… probably yes… but we were holding onto the hope.

As week one of staying at home passed, we watched helplessly as our nation, state and local virus numbers climbed and businesses of all types began to close their doors. We’ve felt all the things… fear, worry, overwhelmed, heartbroken, helplessness, and we’ve cried all the tears, watching the news coming out of Italy as they have been hit hard by the virus and closer to home New York City.

With week two of staying home approaching and new guidelines/mandates from our local, state and nation’s government changing and being put in place daily to help keep us all safe, we soon realized this would indeed affect our couples and their wedding days. It wouldn’t be long before we too began working on postponements for our brides.

Thankfully we have postponements/cancellations covered in our wedding day contracts, so our brides had knowledge of what to expect from us here at Capture Thirteen. This knowledge helped them make their decisions and we’re so grateful to now have them all successfully moved to new future dates.

With our CTP brides now taken care of, we began to wonder what we could do for other brides out there who’s wedding day dreams have been shattered. You see brides work hard on planning their special day for months some even a year or more and while yes, there are worse things happening with this virus than canceled events,  it is never easy to watch something you’ve worked so hard towards fall apart before you. That heartache is real.

With so many couples dealing with making the hard decisions of whether to postpone or move to an elopement style wedding we felt the best thing we could do right away is offer our advice.

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First of all, remember this… the most beautiful thing about your wedding day is your commitment to one another, so no matter what you choose to do or what changes come your way, your wedding day will still be the most beautiful day. 

Know that it’s your choice as a couple. The deciding factors for each couple on whether to postpone or elope and celebrate later are different for every couple. Make the choice you feel most comfortable with as a couple.

We encourage you to postpone and not cancel your wedding day. In most cases postponing your wedding date will not only keep you from losing money, but it will also help your vendors keep their work.

If you decide to change your wedding date, check with your vendors as soon as possible! You’ll want to lock your current vendors in for your new date as soon as you can!

If you decide to move forward with an elopement, we recommend communicating this to your entire vendor team. Some vendors may be willing to work with you and provide you with options from packages you’ve already purchased. Such as if you’ve reserved a vendor for 8 hours they may be willing to give you 1-2 hours for your elopement and save the other 6 hours for when you host your wedding celebration at a later date. Or they may offer you a discounted rate if they are someone who you would use for both your elopement date and wedding celebration date.

While part of the goal of postponing your wedding is to find a date that works for all your vendors and to keep your original vendor team together, we also know that it’s not always possible to make everyone’s schedule match with your new date. If you find the new date does not work for some of your current vendor team, you’ll want to start searching for new vendors to fill those spots asap.

If you’ve found yourself in need of new vendors we’ve listed for you below some of our favorite North Georgia Wedding Venues and Vendors to work with and we know they would be more than happy to chat and work with you on your wedding day.

Wedding Cakes

Acuna’s Custom Cakes

Zell’s Cottage Bakery

My Cake Lady Lynne


Wedding Venues 

Enotah Valley Weddings and Events Center – Blairsville, Georgia

Pleasant Union Farm – Canton, Georgia

The Walters Barn -Lula, Georgia

Braselton Event Center – Braselton, Georgia

The Farmhouse 30542 – Flowery Branch, Georgia



Downtown Flowers

Stems Atlanta


Wedding Planners/Coordinators

White Vine Weddings

Soirees Southern Events



Norton Aerial Media


Hair and Make-Up


JC Beauty




Mann For All Occasions


If you are a current 2020 bride to be that has not finished locking in your vendors due to the coronavirus outbreak, we encourage you to take heart and get back to planning. The summer and fall wedding season just became a whole lot busier for vendors and you’ll want to get your first choice vendors locked in before its too late!!

Finally, if changing the date of your wedding has caused you to lose your photographer we would be happy to chat with you. We still have availability for both summer and fall of 2020. We would love to talk all things weddings with you and would be happy to set up a Facetime call or zoom meeting since we can’t exactly grab coffee together currently. 😉 Just fill out the form below!

Capture Thirteen Photography is based out of the Northeast Georgia area between Braselton and Gainesville, Georgia. We serve the North Georgia area and beyond! We’re currently booking 2020 weddings, for more information on our wedding day investments or to check your wedding date please fill out and submit out our wedding day questionnaire! Or email us at

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