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It has been a rainy and grey winter here in North Georgia this year. It’s been so grey and rainy that warm sunny days have felt like a treat and every minute of them must be soaked up! While we enjoyed the sunshine this weekend it also had us thinking of our 2020 bride to be friends and their future wedding days.

With the new year, we know many of you are just now beginning the planning process and we have a friendly reminder/suggestion/tip for you!

Have an inclement weather plan!!

While we wish nothing but beautiful sunshine for all wedding couples, on their wedding days… rain, severe storms, snow, ice they all happen, yes even on wedding days. We know no one wants to think about inclement weather on their wedding day, but because it does happen it’s important to have a plan in place just in case, especially if your ceremony is outdoors! Having a plan in place will make things less stressful going in if you already have ideas or plans in place.

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Here are some of our tips…

As you visit and tour wedding venues be sure to ask each venue what their inclement weather plans and policies. Find out if the venue has an alternate ceremony space for you to use in the event of bad weather or will there need to be a room flip. If there is a need for a room flip ask yourself before you book are you okay with doing a room flip if necessary?

Some venues have tents readily available as a backup option, ask your venue if they provide this option and if the venue itself doesn’t have tents on hand, find out if you can bring tents in. If your venue will allow you to bring in tents, ask them for a recommendation of a local tent rental company. Contact the tent rental company early on in your planning and ask them for prices and set up polices. Don’t forget to find out how soon you would need to contact them to reserve your tent rental and set up.

For a rainy day or even light snow, have extra umbrellas on hand to keep dry and in the event of extreme cold, have blankets on hand for the bridal party and guests to cuddle up in!

As you meet with other vendors such as your photographers and videographers be sure to ask them how they handle inclement weather as well. Find out if they are equipped and willing to go out in the rain and snow with you if the weather allows.

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While we hope the biggest weather woe you have is a little rain or a few snow flurries, we also know that even extreme weather can hit on a wedding day. Which is why you should find out extreme weather policies for ALL of your vendors and venues, because snowstorm, ice storms, hurricanes they can all happen.

Now before you get too worried, know the weather of the area you are getting married in! Here in Northeast Georgia, most of our weather woes on the wedding day come from rain and thunderstorms.  However, if you are getting married here in the months of January or February maybe even early March you’ll want to know how your vendors handle snow.

No matter what your choices are don’t be afraid to embrace the rain or snow if it does come! We promise, if you have a plan in place… it won’t ruin your day it will only add to the story of your day, that one day you’ll look back on and tell the story of. After all, rainy days and snowy days have a romance about them that only comes with the weather! So go on and dance in the rain! 😉

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