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Hey there, Class of 2020… it’s time to book those Senior Sessions! 🎉

Wondering when you should book your senior session? Or maybe where or what to do with your senior session?

You are not alone! These are two of the most common questions we are asked when it comes to seniors sessions and today we’re sharing our thoughts on when and what to do with your senior session.

Our Answers…

  1. There is no right or wrong time or season to do them in!
  2. Get creative and incorporate the things you love… where do you enjoy spending your time, what are your interests, your hobbies? Bring it all to the session. Think outside of the box and share your ideas with your photographer and build from there!

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Friends if you are trying to decide when the right time to book your senior session… the answer… pretty much anytime! Here we love having senior sessions sprinkled all throughout our year. If you love the winter season and enjoy winter fashions, like winter coats, boots, and hats… go for it! Book that winter senior session. Or maybe you love the colors of fall… we LOVE a fall senior session around here! Spring flowers or hanging by the water for a cool summer shoot, there is no wrong time to do your senior shoot.

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When it comes to the timing of your senior session… here at Capture Thirteen we recommend making sure you book your senior session in plenty of time to meet any picture turn in dates for your school or other senior year activities. We say try to book your senior session at least 1-2 months out from any picture deadline dates. While our image turn around date is much sooner than 1-2 months, booking at least 1-2 months out will help cut down on any stress in meeting deadlines and in the event of inclement weather on your original session date booking early will give you time to reschedule and get your session in. Every photographer’s post-processing for their images is different. Before you book your session, you’ll want to check the image turn around time with your photographer to ensure you have your images in time. If you need to order prints, announcements or invitations you’ll want to make sure you’ll have time to do so.

©CaptureThirteenPhotography2019When you book your senior session, don’t be afraid to bring creativity to it! Think about your favorite places to be… do you love to be downtown, or do you prefer to be out in nature. Maybe you have a favorite spot on your grandfather’s farm, or you have a favorite hiking trail. Think beyond locations, think about what you enjoy… do you love to paint, or read, maybe you play sports. If you love to paint, read or draw… bring your favorite books, or your favorite piece of artwork to your shoot… or maybe even create some art at your shoot! If sports are your thing… bring your sporting equipment, or if the equipment feels like its too much bring your uniform or letterman jacket. Maybe you play in a band or you have a band you love… bring your instruments, a record player and some records or wear your favorite band’s t-shirt! The options are endless friends!

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Let your photographer know your interests and share your ideas for your session! Maybe your not sure how or what to do for your senior session. Sharing your school activities, interests, favorite places, etc. can help your photographer make suggestions for your session.

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