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Over the next couple of months, engagement sessions will slowly start to take over our blog… and we cannot wait! We absolutely love engagement sessions!

We love engagement sessions because they provide a time for our couples to get to know us better and for us to get to know them before their wedding day! Plus for many of our couples, it is their first photo session together and it provides a chance for them to get comfortable in front of the camera together!

With engagement season coming, we’re sharing some of our top tips and suggestions to help make your engagement session the best ever!

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1.) Come have fun! If we could only give you one tip… it would be to just come have fun! Come to your engagement session ready to laugh, smile, cuddle up, hug, hold hands as you walk thru a field or twirl in the sun! Be yourselves!  Don’t be afraid to giggle or give a spontaneous kiss on the check. That’s how some of the best moments are captured! We try to make our engagement sessions as much fun as possible and put our couples at ease. Our sessions are laidback and full of laughs, smiles, and conversation… our goal is to make you feel like your hanging out with your friends… who just so happen to have cameras! 😉

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2.) Wear clothes you are comfortable in! This one is a big one! We like to move around in our sessions… we love pictures of our couples walking thru fields, or dancing in the sun. We stand, sit, walk, twirl and who knows maybe even jump lol so make sure you can move around with ease and comfort in your clothes. Also, make sure you are comfortable with where your hemlines and necklines hit… if you aren’t comfortable with how your clothes look on or how they fit it will show through in your photos.

© Capture Thirteen Photography3.) Give the hair and makeup duties to someone else! Some of you ladies out there are makeup and hair experts! You are #goals when it comes to hair and makeup! However, if you are anything like me… hair and makeup are the ultimate stressers especially when I have an event or photo session to go to! So keep yourself relaxed by scheduling a hair and makeup appointment and take that worry away! Or call up your sister or friend who’s got the makeup and hair skills down and ask them to come help you get ready! It makes for a great excuse for some fun girls time!

© Capture Thirteen Photography4.) Get a manicure! What better excuse is there to head to the nail salon than to get ready to show your new ring off! The engagement session will involve some close-ups of that new sparkly ring on your finger, so you’ll want to have your hands looking their best! Even if you aren’t a big fan of having your nails done… make sure to trim up your nails, and remove any old fingernail polish! If you aren’t a fan of having color on your fingers go with a clear, nude or pale pink polish. 😉

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5.) Wardrobe! For our engagement sessions, we recommend that if you want to switch up your looks, keep your wardrobe to two outfits. One casual look and then a more dressed up look. When choosing your wardrobe pieces don’t get too matchy-matchy 😉 go for more complimentary colors. Stay away from busy patterns as they will become distorted in camera. Go for classic instead of trendy looks to keep your engagement pictures looking timeless!  Things that always look good…for the guy’s, khakis or dark denim jeans, paired with button-down shirts in solids or plaids, or a pullover sweater. For the ladies… long flowy dresses, knee-length sundresses, and dark wash denim jeans paired with a sweater or a cardigan combo.

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6.) Patterns Beware! Lol okay so this one isn’t as ominous as the intro makes it out to be, but you should be aware of your clothing patterns! Small busy prints tend to become distorted in camera, we recommend stirring clear from lots of small tiny dots, and smalls checks. Also, limit your patterns… don’t overdo the patterns if you are wearing a floral print dress keep your guy in jeans and button up shirt in a coordinating color.

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7.) Prepare your wardrobe! Go thru your closets at least two weeks prior to your session and choose your outfits. This way if any accessories or clothing needs to be bought you’re not running thru the mall in a mad dash the day of your session, looking for that perfect dress or shoes. Pull your outfit options and lay them side by side to see if you really like his shirt next to your dress. Or put them on and stand in front of the mirror! It may sound crazy to you and make you sound crazy to your fiance but I do it all the time! 😂 Once you’ve chosen your outfits make sure you have all your jewelry and accessory pieces selected and ready to go. If clothes need to be ironed have it all done the day before so that getting ready the day of the session is easy and you can go into your session relaxed.

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8.) Communicate with your Photographer! Communication is key in any relationship including your relationship with your wedding photographer! We’re huge on communication here at Capture Thirteen and we strongly encourage our couples to share with us their likes and dislikes. With that being said, keep your engagement session running smooth, carefree and fun by communicating any concerns or special requests to your photographer prior to the session. Keep things from getting awkward by telling your photographer ahead of time things like… if you’re saving your first kiss for the altar, or if you aren’t a fan of rustic settings or if you simply aren’t a fan of being photographed from your left side. Just don’t forget to trust the process and the creative mind of the photographer you’ve hired.

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