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A new year means new friends and with new friends, new wedding dreams are being dreamt. You see it is the time of year where we find ourselves emailing and chatting with new 2019 and even some 2020 brides to be. As we chat with them we can’t help but find ourselves dreaming and getting excited for the weddings to come and all the different seasons they’ll be taking place in. We can easily go from dreaming of summer to winter, and fall to spring in a matter of hours! While we have our own personal favorite seasons, we can honestly say wedding photography has taught us to see the beauty in all four seasons.

We love the sea of colors and golden light the fall brings, the brightness of the light in the winter and the cozy feel of a warm fireplace, we even love the occasional winter white snows! We love the renewing of life as the trees and flowers bloom in the spring, and the warmth of the sunshine as longer days return and watching for the first sighting of lightning bugs in the night sky to tell us summer has returned!

As we chat with our new 2019 couples we love hearing why they chose their wedding season… for some, it’s a sentimental reason like when they first met, or maybe our bride has always dreamed of being a June bride just like her mother. Some brides make their choice because they have a strong love for the colors of the season whether its the bright vibrant flowers of the spring or the warmth of the leaf colors in the fall! While others may choose their wedding date for more practical reasons… for example here in North Georgia it gets HOT and humid in the summer… so for some couples, they might choose their season based on their love or dislike of the heat, or do they want to get married indoors or outside! Or maybe it’s the date that worked best with where our couples are in their current season of life!

Whether you’re getting married in the fall, spring, summer or winter there is beauty in every season and today we’re giving you our best tips on how to play off the beauty of your wedding season!



  • Deep Jewel Toned Bridesmaid Dresses
    • You can’t go wrong with deep jewel-toned bridesmaids dresses in any season really but in the fall they seem to pop even more against the leaves in the fall! Think of colors like marsala, emerald greens, deep purples or even a deep muted turquoise!
  • Flowers
    • Use deep colored flowers complement your bridesmaid’s dresses think… Sunflowers, Dark Centered Poppies, Dahlias etc.
  • Timing
    • With the Fall comes gorgeous golden light reflecting off of the color filled trees. Be sure to check your ceremony time with your photographer that way you can soak up all that beautiful light in your bride and groom portraits. You’ll want to plan for a first look or an early ceremony time to get the best lighting for your pictures and take advantage of your venue’s setting. Remember daylight savings time occurs around the beginning of November but the days are already getting shorter prior to that!



  • Bring the Greenery! 
    • If you are planning a winter wedding, odds are you visited your venue site when the trees were full and flowers were bloomed. However, winters here in North Georgia mean lots of bare trees and lifeless shrubs, so make sure you love the elements and location of your venue minus all the trees and flowers. Then bring the greenery back in with your wedding day decor and details to liven everything up again. Have bouquets full of greenery and use greenery in your wedding day decor. Don’t be afraid to mix varieties of greenery together!
  • Keep it Warm and Cozy!
    • There are two things we suggest to give your winter wedding a warm and cozy feel.
      • Faux Fur Wraps/Jackets or Warm Cozy Shawls/Blankets
        • Winters here in North Georgia are a tricky thing, one day it might be 60 degrees and the next it might be 17 degrees. With the Georgia Mountains all around us, odds are you’re going to want to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery at your venue, plus you’ll want to stay warm! Having fur faux wraps or nice warm shawls to wrap up in will not only help keep you all warm it will also automatically make you look all warm and cozy! Keep the colors of your bridesmaid’s dresses in mind when choosing your wraps and make yourself stand out in a warm white faux fur jacket or wrap! Having a warm blanket on hand to wrap you and your groom up in is also another great idea to keep you both warm but also add a romantic touch to your photos!
      • Light those candles and Fireplaces!
        • Glowing light from a candle makes all reception and ceremonies dreamy, but for a winter wedding, it also brings a feeling of warmth and coziness.
        • There is nothing like warming up by a fire on a cold winters day! Having a warm fire going will not only help keep you and your guests warm
  • Timing!
    • Again timing… as we said earlier check that sunset timing! The sun sets super early in the winter, and to take full advantage of your venue’s setting you don’t want the sun to set before you’ve had any pictures done!



  • Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!
    • Spring is the season in which everything comes to life again. Its a season here that we all associate with flowers blooming and trees returning to green. Filling your wedding day with beautiful vibrant flowers will make your wedding pictures scream spring! Think tulips, sweet pea, gardenias, orchids, and roses!
  • Soft Pastel Bridesmaid Dresses
    • Nothing says spring wedding like soft pastels, spring is the perfect season for blush, pale or dusty blue bridesmaids dresses. Or if you want a little more flower power, we love pastel floral long flowy dresses!
  • Flower Crowns
    • Flower Crowns are not just for the flower girl! Have a little fun and switch from your wedding veil and into a flower crown after your ceremony! It will give you a totally different look for pictures plus it will make hitting the dance floor a lot easier! Or embrace the flower power and have flower crowns for you and your bridesmaids to have a little fun!


  • Handheld Fans
    • It gets hot, hot, hot, here in the south in the summertime. If your planning an outdoor ceremony handheld fans and bottled waters are great wedding favors that also provide a purpose. Plan your outdoor summer ceremonies close to sunset when the day is cooling instead of heating up!
  • Cool Refreshments!
    • One of our favorite weddings favors from a summer wedding a few years back was individual ice creams for each wedding guest from the local creamery! Not only was it delicious but it was the perfect way to end summer day! Think outside of the box and have a little fun when planning your reception and have cool treats for guests to beat the summer heat! A few we’ve thought of… snowcones, ice cream, slushies!
  • Ceremony
    • There are two big things to think about if you are planning an outdoor summer ceremony…
      • Shade: Make sure you have enough shade at your ceremony spot for both your guests and you and your bridal party! Shade will provide two helpful purposes… keeping you and your guest cool while also providing better light for your pictures.
      • Timing: Just like the shade provides better light and cooler temps the timing also can help in these areas. Avoid noon or early afternoon ceremony times when the light is harsh and the temperature is at its peak. The light at noon and early afternoon is harsh and without enough shade, it creates unflattering shadows. You’ll want ample shade and indirect light to get the best pictures! Plus all that afternoon heat makes for a sweltering bride and groom and guests… nobody wants to be red and sweaty in their pictures!
  • Have a Rain Plan!
    • Rain can happen at any time during any season but here in the summer, a pop-up storm can come out of nowhere with no warning! Make sure you have a rain plan in place just in case!

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