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February… it’s often referred to as the month of LOVE! đź’•

With Valentine’s Day falling right in the middle of the month, heart shapes, flowers and cards declaring love seem to be everywhere! It makes it easy to forget what love really looks and feels like.

I can honestly say, I’ve let this holiday and month of love get me down more times than I care to admit. Hearing everyone talk about their fantastic date and not having a date, or not receiving flowers during this season can feel like the worst and make this one hard month to get through. I know, I’ve been there.

But what if we didn’t make this month of love about us?! What if this month wasn’t about whether or not we got asked out on that perfect date, if we received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers or if we did or didn’t have a Valentine.

What if we made this month of love all about showing love to the people and the world around us?

For me, when I started making this month of love, not about me but about looking for ways to show love to others, that’s when the idea of Valentine’s Day really started to change for me.

Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to show a little extra love to the world around you! I think we can all agree that its something that’s needed in our world today.

So here it is my Valentine’s Day Challenge to myself and you… I challenge you to look for the friend that’s lonely, the hurt, the sick, the one in need, the people you know and the ones you don’t and spread a little extra love and cheer this month.

Maybe it will be a random act of kindness, like buying a stranger’s coffee or something as simple as smiling and saying hello as you pass someone on the street. Maybe it is passing on that romantic date and spending a little time focusing on the friend whose heart hurts a little more than normal on this particular holiday and taking them to dinner or lunch. Or maybe it’s taking some homemade goodies to your elderly neighbor who just lost her lifetime love and listening to her share her stories. Maybe its volunteering at your local soup kitchen or playing bingo at the nursing home.

I’m not for one minute pretending I have it all together here friends… I can and do still struggle with heartache and crazy expectations of this holiday just like anyone else. But I do truly believe a little bit of love can go a long way friends.

I haven’t always been the best at recognizing and reaching out to those who are hurting, but its something I’m working on being more aware of, not just this month but on the daily.

If you’re reading this a feeling down and lonely… know this sweet friend you are enough! You are beautiful, strong and smart, you are loved.

If you are a greeting card company or hopeless romantics reading this please, don’t get mad at me… I’m not hating on Valentines! Trust me, I’m just as big of a fan of a surprise date, bouquet of flowers, and card professing ones love as the next gal! I mean I am a wedding photographer and a devoted watcher of all the Hallmark movies. I can listen to and watch love stories alll day long! I attend weddings on the regular. What can I say, I love, LOVE! By all means, go on those romantic dates and shower your love with flowers, cards, and chocolates! Just don’t forget to look around you and love on the people around you too!

Here are a few ways I’ve thought of to spread a little love this month…

Send a note!

  • A text or an email is great, but I think we can all agree a handwritten note of encouragement slipped onto your desk or hidden in the mail makes for an even better surprise.

Send a Valentine!

  • Yep head to the store and buy those yummy chocolates, and find a sweet card and surprise a friend who isn’t expecting it at all!

Make Some Homemade Goodies!

  • Make a homemade treat and hand deliver it to someone and then maybe even enjoy the treat with them! Maybe it’s a grandparent, or a neighbor whose spouse has passed or maybe it’s your best friend. Surprise them with that yummy treat and spend some time with them.

Just Be Present!

  • Just being fully present with someone can go a long way! In today’s world its so easy to get distracted, we touch our phones countless times a day just scrolling. Put your phone away and ask a friend to go for a walk or join you for dinner.

Buy A Coffee!

  • Surprise the person in the coffee drive-thru line behind you and purchase their coffee! It’s a super easy way to help someone start their day with a smile! 🙂 Or bring an extra for your co-worker or friend.


  • Check with your local nursing home, soup kitchen or homeless shelter about volunteer opportunities. Gather some friends and go spread some love. Host a bingo game, deliver a meal or read a book.
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