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We can hardly believe 2018 is already coming to a close, this past year has flown by for us! As we’re looking back at our year we’ve noticed something… 2018 was our something blue year! If your a regular friend and follower of ours on Instagram, then you’ve probably noticed the blue theme on our grid.  Personally, we have LOVED all the blue around here, and for me… it’s one of my favorite colors. I mean with all the different shades, tones, and moods of blue how can you not love it?! From bride attire to cakes, all the way to the small little details of the wedding day we have loved all the ways our 2018 brides have added their something blue.

So we’re reminiscing a little today and sharing with you some serious something blue wedding inspiration as we look back at some of our favorite ways our Capture Thirteen brides have added something blue. We seriously hope you guys love the color blue as much as we do and find a little inspiration for your own special day!

1.) The Attire!

Whether it was tucked away in the details of the attire, or a bold statement piece like a blue tulle skirt we loved how our couples brought the blue themes to their engagement sessions, styled shoots and wedding days. Here’s a look at some of our favorite ways our brides and grooms added something blue to their style for their wedding day!

  • Rosy and G. carried their something blue theme from their engagement session all the way to their wedding day and friends we loved it! For their North Georgia waterfall engagement session, Rosy and G. chose to wear the same shades of blue they were planning to use for their September wedding day. Rosy wore a beautiful blue tulle skirt and G. wore dark blue slacks with a lighter blue shirt. They used the exact same shades in their wedding day for their invitations and flowers, while G. and his groomsmen wore sharp blue suits, Rosy’s bridesmaids wore dresses detailed in blue. Plus they even displayed their engagement pictures at the reception!

© Capture Thirteen Photography© Capture Thirteen Photography© Capture Thirteen Photography


  • Or if you really love blue like we do, go even bolder in your attire… how about a blue tulle skirt, on your wedding day?! Our Blueberry bride Mona from our styled wedding shoot at a blueberry farm (Pleasant Union Farm, located in Canton, Georgia)this spring wore a beautiful dusty blue tulle skirt paired with a lace top and a blueberry crown! This blueberry themed shoot has all the something blue inspiration you could ever dream of from the bride’s attire, to the details, all the way to the cake! If you’re looking for even more inspiration click here!© Capture Thirteen Photography© Capture Thirteen Photography

2.) The Cake!

  • Our friends Acuna’s Custom Cakes provided lots of bold blue wedding cake inspiration for us at the beginning of the year, but we also loved the subtleness of the blueberry cake from our Blueberry wedding shoot with them in the spring. The cake is the centerpiece of the reception so why not have some fun with it! Here are a few of our favorite something blue cakes from this year! Want even more blue cake inspiration check out our Something Blue cake shoot with Acuna’s Custom Cakes!
    © Capture Thirteen Photography

    Cake by: Acuna’s Custom Cakes

    © Capture Thirteen Photography

    Cake by: Acuna’s Custom Cakes

    © Capture Thirteen Photography

    Cake by: Acuna’s Custom Cakes

3.) In the Details!

  • Details, Details Details! This is where we most often find our something blue at our weddings! Whether it’s tucked away in the details so that only you will know or is one of your accent colors or one of our favorite details… your blue shoes! The little details of your wedding day are the perfect place to add a little something blue! Here are a few of our favorite ways our brides tucked away something blue into their day!© Capture Thirteen Photography
  • With a blueberry-themed styled bridal shoot, it wasn’t hard to add some something blue to the details. Having extra blueberries on hand helped bring this something blue theme full circle and added a special touch to the detail shots. (Bonus tip: Consider having extras of small detail items for your photographer for detail pictures… like flower petals or blueberries! 😉 )© Capture Thirteen Photography© Capture Thirteen Photography
  • Your shoes! This is probably one of our favorite ways our brides include their something blue! Who doesn’t love shoes?! Whether you choose heels, sandals, flats or even tennis shoes, you can never go wrong with a great pair of blue shoes! Plus it’s a super fun way to add a little style to your day!© Capture Thirteen Photography
  • In your wedding paper suites! For our bride Kristen, blue was an accent color for her special day, so she chose blue invitation suites to send out to her guests! Bringing along the invitations for detail shots went perfectly for her day and went right along with her blue shoes plus her groom and groomsmen’s dark blue suits!

No matter what you choose to do to include as your something blue, whether you choose to have fun with it or sentimental with it just be you! You can’t go wrong here friends!

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