45th Wedding Anniversary | Gainesville, Georiga

I think this might be one of the rainiest summers ever and the pop-up storms even more unpredictable than ever! We’ve gotten caught in the rain by surprise a few times this summer and the other week was just one of those times. We were headed to Lake Lanier, located in Gainesville, Georgia to meet some new friends for a 45th-anniversary session, and as we got closer to our location site we could see the clouds ahead hanging low right where we were headed. All weather forecasts and radars said we had clear skies, but it was all lies! Not long before we reached our session site rain began to fall, and as arrived at the session site the rain only fell harder. With new friends in from San Francisco, only for the weekend and hearts set on a lakeside session, we decided to make the best of it and try to wait for the rain out. So we watched an waited, and prayed for the rain to stop.

We spent some time getting to know Michelle’s parents and family… listening to their wedding day stories and looking back at their wedding pictures from 45 years ago. With a careful eye on the sky and a few checks of the weather forecasts we decided the rain was only over us, and unfortunately here to stay, we made the best of it! Since we couldn’t be totally outside due to the weather we headed to the front porch and captured some sweet moments with the grandparents and grandchildren. As we moved into the full group portraits the rain began to slow and then stopped. So we quickly headed to the backyard and got those lakeside portraits in! ūüôā We may have had to dodge a few raindrops but these guys were great sports about the rain and we so enjoyed getting to know them!

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