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August Wedding Day Tips

It’s been a while since we shared some wedding day tips with our bride to be friends… so we thought we’d jump into August with some wedding day tips.  We’ve met with several new brides over the past month and one thing we seem to find ourselves discussing over and over with them is the reception. We’ve talked everything reception from details to food, to takeaways, all the way down to the send-off. However, if we could only talk about one area and only give them one tip… we would talk lighting.

As natural light photographers, we do not shoot wedding day portraits or ceremonies with any kind of flash photography, however, wedding days are spread out over a long period of time and lighting changes with every move of the sun! So by the reception and send off time the sun has typically set and let’s face it we all love hitting the dance floor in the dark where our dance moves look a little better! lol (Now we are natural light photographers, but that does not mean we aren’t capable of shooting with flash, we do typically shoot nighttime receptions and send-offs with flash photography 😉 we’re not crazy and trying to shoot receptions in total darkness!)

However, whether you’re reception is in the daylight or nighttime hours there is one tip we give to every bride, that will make your reception photos look oh so dreamy regardless of the timing.

Tip: Fill your reception with candles and twinkle lights!

Yes! Candles and Twinkle lights will make your reception photos look oh so dreamy and romantic, regardless of the time of day! Plus that little bit of light they give off goes a LONG way in a dark reception venue. We LOVE the bokeh effects they create in the background of your dancefloor photos, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love it too! There are so many options for twinkle lights these days from the traditional twinkle light strands to the newer twists to string lights… like the string Edison light bulbs, and fairy lights. If you can’t use candles due to a no open flame policy at your venue think about adding solar lights like… solar light lanterns!

No matter the time of day, adding a little twinkle light to your reception will add a cozy, romantic, and dreamy touch to your dance floor photos. Especially that first dance moment!

Need a little inspiration? Here are a few of our favorite ways our past Capture Thirteen Brides and North Georiga venues have added a little twinkle and spark to their reception areas!

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