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Hey hey, Class of 2019!!!

Your year is finally here!

There are soo many things about the senior year to look forward to! Senior Breakfast, Leading the Spirit Section on Friday nights, Senior Dress Up Day (do they still do that?! Back in the day seniors could dress up for Halloween! ūüėČ since it was only for seniors months of planning went into the day trying to come up with the best costume!) Proms, Yearbook Day, getting ready for college, and of course senior pictures! YAY!

One of the things back in the day that made me feel like my senior year had finally come was my senior portrait session! While sooo¬†much about senior portrait sessions has¬†changed since my senior year, one thing still remains the same… you spend a lot of time thinking and planning how you will dress, wear your hair and makeup! You want to look and feel your best!

We know picking out what to wear, styling your hair, wearing makeup and choosing accessories can be a little daunting. Trust us… you should see us when we have to go in front of the camera! So today we’re sharing with you a few of our tips and suggestions to one of the most asked questions we receive when it comes to senior pictures… What do I wear?!


  • The number one thing we tell all of our clients is no matter what you choose to wear make sure you are comfortable in it. Try on every potential outfit and make sure you not only like how the outfit looks on but that your comfortable moving around in it! If you aren’t comfortable in what you’re wearing it will show through in your pictures. So make sure you’re not only comfortable with how necklines and hemlines hit but also moving around in them. With senior sessions, we move around a lot, and the last thing we want is for you to feel restricted by your clothes!¬©CaptureThirteenPhotography | 2018
  • While we don’t restrict the number of wardrobe changes our seniors can make we do have a limited amount of time with each senior. So we recommend no more than 3 changes as this takes away from our shooting time. So we recommend a casual look, a more dressed up look and a look to show off your personality or interests!¬©CaptureThirteenPhotography |2018
  • Ladies…. Your casual look can be your everyday look, maybe jeans or shorts paired with a cute tee or tank, with a cute pair of sandals or tennis shoes, maybe even throw your hair up in a cute messy bun or braid. For our guy friends out there, jeans and a tee, or polo shirt work well! Just be you! Your dressy look can be as dressy or non-dressy as you like, tulle skirts paired with a cute pair of converses or heels are always a win in our book! Or if you’ve got a prom dress you just loved, senior pictures is a great time to break it back out! Plus you can never go wrong with a long flowy maxi dress or a romper! For our guy friends out there… jean or slacks, paired with a plaid or gingham shirt always look good for a dressed up look.¬† You could even throw on a jacket or add a sweater over, given it isn’t 100+ degrees the day of your shoot! When it comes to showing off your personality or interests… what is it that you currently love right now in this season, this moment in life?! Maybe you have a school activity you love… cheerleading, volleyball, or playing in the band… bring your uniform or sports equipment, and let’s work it into your session! You could wear your favorite band or comic shirt even!¬©CaptureThirteenPhotography |2018
  • Don’t forget there are also other quick and easy ways to change up your look without changing your entire wardrobe! Accessories are always fun! Add a hat, scarf and/or a jacket and switch up your look super easily and quickly!¬©Capture Thirteen Photography | 2018
  • Patterns… we love patterns around here, however, some patterns don’t always translate as well in camera. Tiny patterns like tiny polka dots, checks, stripes tend to become distorted in camera. We recommend sticking to bigger patterns when it comes to polka dots checks especially. Patterns that tend to look great in front of the camera are, ginghams, plaids, floral, bigger stripes or spread out stripes.¬†¬©CaptureThirteenPhotography |2018
  • Keep your session location in mind! When choosing your wardrobe for your senior pictures keep your session location in mind! If we’re shooting in a woodsy North Georiga location in the summer, odds are you will be surrounded by lots of beautiful green-y, so you’ll want to stay away from wearing deep greens, this way we don’t lose you in the background! Tip: Blues always pop out when everything is super green around here! Or if we’re shooting downtown in front of a colorful mural… maybe stick to solids instead of patterns.¬©CaptureThirteenPhotography |2018
  • Makeup?! Every girl has a preference when it comes to make-up, some love it and some not so much. Personally, I’m a gal somewhere in between, some days I love it and some days not so much! ūüėČ Whether you’re a gal who loves to wear makeup or not we suggest wearing at least a little bit of powder, mascara, and some lipgloss or chapstick. Wearing powder will help cut down on shine, and mascara will help make your eyes pop just a little more, while chapstick will help keep your lips from feeling dried out during the shoot. No matter what, if you’re going with the bare minimum or glamming it up, bring your makeup bag along with you to your shoot, this way if any touch ups are needed along the way, you’re ready!¬© Capture Thirteen Photography

Honestly, we love how each senior brings there own personal style and tastes to each session + creating sessions and choosing locations that are just for them! So remember, no matter what you choose when it comes to wardrobe, make-up, or accessories… just be you! Beautiful you!

Feeling overwhelmed?! Head to our Session Style Inspiration board over on our Pinterest! Or let us know during the booking process, we’re always happy to help!

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